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A truly amazing 100% all natural sexual health products manufactured to meet world standard. You are guaranteed of result. It is the hottest sexual health product on the internet.


Therefore it is truly natural and healthy products that you can count on to overcome

your problem, regain your virility and self esteem and it is anti aging........


That's why it is the  number 1

sexual health product in Malaysia.

The history of the creation of Brutal Power 31 Lotion

The formulation of this product is specially designed to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation amongst men. The company received numerous emails from the public requesting Bioasli to create a specially formulated herbal product base on virgin coconut oil to overcome men's premature ejaculation. Among an interesting case is a guy who got married to a divorcee of 2 kids. He had been very worried because he frequently succumb to the aggressive performance of his wife in bed. This caused his wife to whine and complained and demanded that he should look for medication to make him last longer in bed.  The husband honestly requested Bioasli to create a sexual enhancement product to help men to have better endurance. In another case, a wife wrote to the Company in her email asking about a product that could help her husband last longer in bed even with aggressive performance. The wife related that she is much satisfied with the size and length but the problem is he climaxed too soon, not even 3 minutes. " I have bought many products for my husband to try but they don't seem to be able to satisfy me...please assist my husband. Another case, we received an email from a husband in doldrums  because he can only last 2 to 3 minutes in bed with his wife. He had to repeat his performance after a 1 hour interval just to satisfy his wife, even that on many occasions he still fail to satisfy her, he pleaded with Bioasli to assist him, and there are many other cases of husband's premature ejaculation problems...

To overcome the problem Bioasli conducted a study on several herbs in the Far East region to be formulated to increase the endurance of men during intercourse. After a long search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, finally BRUTAL POWER 31 lotion was created in 2005. The unique meaning of 31 is, the wife is able to reach 3 climaxes against 1 for the husband. Until today thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide because of its greatness...


Do you know that...............

The nature of coconut is that it increases sexual power and relieves pain in the back.

Do you know that................

Bio-asli once receive an email from a wife thanking Bio-asli because throughout her 7 years of marriage, this is the first time she is

satisfied......... really satisfied........ and extremely satisfied.



A frustrated wife from Kuala Lumpur

"I am a wife of a high ranking officer. I am also holding a secured high position in society. But remember these can't buy the happiness and pleasure of husband/wife relationship. Honestly I must confessed that I have never enjoyed our sexual relationship. Because it had been going on for so long (since we got married) I have become traumatic, scared of being disappointed. The fact was my desire had turn cold, and I was on the verge of giving up".

"To my surprise, I found that I am not alone. Many of my colleagues are facing similar problem in silence; husbands premature ejaculation. Recently, out of expectation and probably out of excitement someone mentioned Brutal; the power lotion for men.  I was so excited that I personally ordered the product. Well, I thought there is nothing to be ashamed of. Its going to be discreet anyway since the order and payment are made online".

"And you guess what happened? Just can't describe.........its simply awesome!!"

"To all you men out there, shed your ego. Do not think you are great, you are actually torturing someone; your wife. If you have a problem seek a solution".




A bank officer from Shah Alam

"We have been married for 15 years. Our problem doesn't seemed to end since then. My husband, although looking macho and muscular, but he is a sexual-wreck in bed. I have never experience a climax. Our married life managed to stays intact just because I didn't like the idea of  rocking the boat".

"Nevertheless, together we put in all our efforts to find a solution. Occasionally frustration and the feeling of giving up do sets in. We have tried countless products including techniques claiming to be effective in overcoming premature ejaculation, but to no avail".

"Now I must say a thousand thanks. Everything seems so much different. Now I know how it feels when you reach your climax, and I can't describe in words when I am able to reach multiple climaxes".

"Thanks to the awesome product .....Brutal".




Marriage on the brink of breaking up

Case was related by a stockist in Kuala Lumpur :- An unknown man met him and requested some information as regards to Brutal and KKD that he read on the internet. In a depressed mood he told the stockist that his wife is very disappointed with his sexual performance. He had been struggling with his sexual problem mainly premature ejaculation. He was always being accused by his wife (out of disappointment) of being unfair and selfish. Frustrated, she finally gave him the ultimatum, "do something about it or let me go....." The wife kept pestering him since then.

The stockist right away recommended him to use the potent Brutal and KKD. 2 weeks passed and finally the man called him up to thank him because his problem had now been overcome. Now he is able to fulfill his wife's need that she deserves. He expressed his gratitude to the stockist and Bioasli for making such a great product.





Virgin Coconut Oil Bases (VCO)

Power31 Lotion : Brutal

CODE : L31B         Size = 30ml     USD20.00



VCO, aqua, Glycerin, novemer EC1, Virgin coconut oli, Mineral oil, neolone PE, fragrance


Apply and massage gently when necessary
( Only for Husband )


Use to moisten  and freshen


Order Now , BRUTAL Lotion for Men


POWER31 BRUTAL (code: Brutal) - Design to meet EEC standard. The hottest product in Malaysia and now had penetrated the countries in the region, the Middle East and Europe. Formulated from a combination of spectacular herbs in a base of virgin coconut oil. If you are battling with premature ejaculation or just simply wish to go a little extreme, Brutal is your answer. Satisfy her with mind blowing multiple climaxes and give her the loving she deserves. (for external use only)

More than hundred thousands around the world of men have already discovered that Power 31 Brutal really works. Huge Long Lasting Erections are possible with this Brutal Lotion.


The husband is suggested to apply the BRUTAL lotion 30~60 minutes before intercourse and its effectiveness lasted up to 10 hours. Apply thoroughly at the sensitive area of the penis, especially around the lower area at the top part of the penis. May also apply to the entire length. It's best to wash it off first before intercourse.

Specially formulated for husbands to last longer during intercourse.


          .  Husband will be stronger and last longer...xxx.

    .  Invigorating.

          .  Wives can achieve multiples climaxes.

    .  Smooth and long voyage...



The history of the creation of Kamar Sutera Lotion formulation

This formulation is created at the request of women/wives for the purpose of tightening the vagina especially while in bed. After a tiring search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, in 2007 Kamar Sutera Lotion was finally created to assist women. It is a unique product, capable of eliminating whiteheads and smoothen the facial skin. To date hundred of thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide.


Virgin Coconut Oil Bases (VCO)

Kamar Sutera Lotion for Women

CODE : LKS         Size = 40ml    USD20.00


VCO, acrylates, fragrance, glicerine, oak galls,piper betle,mineral oils,ficus detolidea,methylisothiazelinone, cinnamomum eylanicum


Apply and massage extremely when necessary


Use to moisten, soften, smoothen and freshen

Order Now , Kamar Sutera Lotion for Women 

Kamar Sutra Lotion (code: LKS) - Specially design and formulated from pure virgin coconut oil and selected natural herbs, a heritage of past generation, to give a spectacular healing effect to the skin, removing dead skin cells, promote the growth/regeneration of new cells, helps to restore the youthfulness and suppleness of the skin and simultaneously making the skin soft and smooth. To be applied internally and externally to the genital. The active ingredients in the lotion will penetrate deep into the skin and treat the cells, activating them. It has a unique function of tightening the vagina thus enhancing its grip simultaneously destroying harmful organism. The aroma of the herbs is refreshing and soothing, eliminating any unpleasant odor. LKS  is specially formulated. It is not harmful if it is inadvertently swallowed.




Apply the Kamar Sutera Lotion to area on the side of the vagina as shown in the picture. The purpose is to shrink down the opening of the vagina and provide thick lubricant between the lips.  Better still if it is applied to the whole vagina. Other than that it is capabled of removing dead cells around the vagina or the skin if applied to that particular area, the skin will be smoother.


Note : You can test the effectiveness of this lotion. Apply the lotion to skin area that is rough and wrinkled. After 2 hours (dried up) wash and wipe to dry. You will find that the skin will become clean and smooth (less wrinkles). This proved that Kamar Sutera Lotion is capable of returning the youthfullness of  the skin cells.

Time of usage


Step 1 :

It is suggested that the wife apply the Kamar Sutera Lotion 1 or 1/2 half an hour before "the occasion". The Lotion will penetrate into the surface skin and treat the skin to enhance its activeness. As a result the whole skin area that has been applied with the Lotion will shrink and tighten up therefore improving its grip.  While the aroma of the herbs used  will act to eliminate the unpleasant odor to a more desirable aroma.

Step 2 :

Just before you begin, apply again to the whole vagina. Its purpose is to enhance the aura of desire and its stickiness will arouse you and your husband.

Nota : Kamar Sutera Lotion is specially formulated, it is not harmful if it is inadvertantly swallowed.



Apart from being able to shrink/enhance the grip of the vagina, it is also capable of removing dead skin cells thus making the skin feel smooth after its use.

Manjakani (the herb) contained in the lotion is also capabled of closing up the tissue layers,  simultaneously recover the softness and revitalise the nerves and muscles of the vagina. Therefore the sexual activities will be more exciting.  

More about Kamar Sutera Lotion....

A  Officer from Kuala Lumpur

"We have been married for about six years. We had two children and our life had been happy and joyful. However, just like any other couples we always cherish our maiden nights and how we wished it could return. And do you know for the first time after so many year we experienced it again as a result of the Kamar Sutera Lotion. It is really a remarkable product".

"If we can enjoy our sex life again, why couldn't you".....?

 A housewife from Penang

"Do you love your husband? You are worried of he having an affair with another woman....As a wife did it ever cross your mind why men or your husband acted in such a manner? This seldom occur while the heat of honey moon is still intense. Well I think we as a wife has our role to play. Even though there are several reasons out there, but we as a wife should not take things for granted. I strongly believed that the main factor is we as a wife did not perform as we did during the early days of our marriage".

"The question is why don't you give him a very special gift on every occasion in bed, spellbound him with your performance until he thank you for being such a superb wife? That's exactly what I experienced. You like to know the secret.......? You got to try Kamar Sutera Lotion".


" Virgin Coconut Oil has anti virus, anti fungus and anti natural parasites characteristics. It helps to control and overcome a variety of diseases and ailments "

Dr. John J. Kabara ( University Michigan-USA)


"Virgin Coconut Oil stands strong as the most salutary oil that you use. It contains abundance of beneficial nutrients and research treasures that are really valuable. Indeed I would really like you to include    Virgin Coconut Oil as part of your daily nutrition intake"

Dr. Mark Atkinsion, Holistic Medical Physician

" Virgin Coconut is the most salutary oil in the world "

Dr. Bruce Fife (  Doctor  Naturopati - USA )


More about Virgin Coconut Oil ..   1- H1N1 vs VCO ...artical..
.   2- Fight the Swine Flu with Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Capsule


Capsule Virgin Coconut Oil+ Black Seed Oil BIO-ASLI


Size = 80 pcs   USD20.00

Quantity : 80 capsule,  size 500mg


80% Virgin Coconut Oil
20% Black Seed Oil 

Note : each capsule 500mg x 80 caps/bottle



Adult :Take 4 tablets, twice daily

Children  : Take 2 tablets, twice daily


Order Now , Virgin Coconut Oil+ Black Seed Oil BIO-ASLI Capsule  

Capsule Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed Capsules (code:CVCO) - Make CVCO your daily diet plan. Virgin coconut is a functional food. Take 3 or 4 capsules  in the morning and in the evening. This is a truly amazing oil. It enhances the body's immune system, increases the energy level and metabolic rate. The digestion system and joints will also feel more comfortable. From user testimonies, those who has tried,  become ardent customers.


What are its benefits?

It has been scientifically and clinically proven that virgin coconut oil has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-protozoal, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammation characteristics. It resembles mother's milk in its nutrient content and it is easily absorbed by skin. It  has a high anti oxidant property, while black seed had been used as a remedy to cure numerous diseases and ailments since thousands of years.  


More about Virgin Coconut Oil + Black Seed...



Satisfaction guarantee - 100% Money back guarantee.

We are so certain that you will be completely satisfied with our wonderful, natural  product, that we offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

Simply try our products. The degree of results will vary from person to person, but if you do not see any results for just 2-3 trials, return at least 50% used product (including outer packaging) to us within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping fees.



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